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With Art Studio Pro we can create amazing projects adding filters to our photos
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With Art Studio Pro 1.3 we can create amazing projects by adding various filters to our photos or images.
When we open the program we can find a Menu Bar, one toolbar, one window where we can see our projects and one panel where we can see the layers that we add. After we open an image we can add different filters the Art Studio Volume 1 presents. Those are: colored pencil (can duplicate layers and give the look of multiple shadows), crayon (gives light to our pictures), marker (helps with brilliants strokes of color), technicalPen, watercolor and more.

Some of the Art Studio Volume 2 filters are: Chalk, Charcoal, finger paint, oil brush and more. Another interesting tool is "Paper Texture" - by means of it we can handle different paper lights, thus creating the illusion of changing paper's texture. We can handle different settings of every filter we select and obtain the image we want. The applied changes are afterwards rendered by the program, so that we can see our project in its final state.

Paula Ledesma
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  • Can duplicate layers, providing the look of multiple shadows


  • Has no disadvantages
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